Introduction of Polymer Additives

Classification of Polymer Additives

Classification of Polymer Additives

Polymer additives can broadly be classified as polymer stabilizers or functional agents. Polymer stabilizers are essential to practical use, since they maintain the inherent properties, color, and other characteristics of plastics by preventing the oxidative degradation caused by high temperature during processing, and ultraviolet exposure during use. Functional additives, on the other hand, are added to further improvement the mechanical strength of plastics or impart new properties, such as flexibility or flame retardancy, thereby expanding the range of application of plastics and enhancing their commercial value.

Polymer Stabilizers

Types of polymer stabilizers and their main applications are as follows.

Processability improvement

Stabilizers for polyolefin: Antioxidants (Phosphorus TypePhenol Type)
Stabilizers for polyvinyl chlorides:Stabilizers for Rigid Polyvinyl Chlorides(Stabilizers for Rigid Polyvinyl Chlorides (Ca/Zn Type),Stabilizers for Flexible Polyvinyl Chlorides (Ba/Zn Type,Ca/Zn Type))

Durability improvement

Antioxidants (Phenol Type, Thioether Type)

Prevention of metal-catalyzed oxidation

Metal deactivators(Hydrazide Type, Amide Type, etc.)

Weatherability improvement

Ultraviolet absorbers(Benzotriazole Type, Triazine Type, etc.)
Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS: N-H Type,N-Methyl Type,NO-Alkyl Type)

Functionalizing Agents

Types of functionalizing agents and their main applications are as follows.

Flexibility enhancement

Plasticizers (Phthalic acid type, Polymeric Type, epoxy type, etc.)

Flame-retardancy enhancement

Flame retardants (Intumescent type, phosphorus type, halogen type, inorganic type, etc.)

Physical property enhancement

Nucleating agents: (Phosphate metal salt type, sorbitol type, etc.)
Fillers (Talc, calcium carbonate, etc.)
Compatibilizing agents (Reactive type, non-reactive type, etc.)

Transparency enhancement

Clarifying agents (Phosphate metal salt type, sorbitol type, etc.)

Antistatic property enhancement

Antistatic agents (Nonionic type, anionic type, cationic type, etc.)

Lubricity enhancement

Lubricants (Hydrocarbon type, metallic soap type, etc.)

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