Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products

List of eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products
1 Nucleating agent for automobile components
2 Intumescent-type flame retardant
3 Stabilizer for heavy metal removal
4 Materials for recycling
5 Lubricants for the reduction of friction
6 Materials for the reduction of SOx
7 Water-based coating materials
8 Bonding materials
9 Ultraviolet curable materials
10 Battery materials
11 Soil conditioners
12 Products with RSPO and other certifications (food)
13 Products for the reduction of food waste
14 Plant-based food products

The CSR Committee screens the ADEKA Group’s products and technologies and certifies those contributing to any of the following areas: action against climate change, reduction of environmental impact and efficient use of resources, as “eco-friendly products.”

Sales of eco-friendly products is a KPI for the CSR Priority Issues for 2030, which set the target of tripling these sales by 2030.

Moving forward, the ADEKA Group aims to address social issues and increase its corporate value by increasing its certified products while widely distributing these products to society.

Contributing to CO₂ Reduction in the Automotive Industry by Reducing Friction

ADEKA Sakura-Lube

ADEKA Sakura-Lube is an organic-molybdenum lubrication-oil additive developed using unique ADEKA technologies. Use of engine oils mixed with Sakura-Lube offers numerous benefits. It reduces friction and wear inside engines, thereby lowering energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. Sakura-Lube also has oxidation-preventing effects, which extend the working life of the engine oil, while wear-preventing effects extend the mechanical life of the engine.
The addition of ADEKA Sakura-Lube improves fuel consumption by up to 1.7%. The performance of this additive is so highly evaluated that it is used in many new vehicles. It is exported to 20 countries worldwide, including numerous Western countries, China, Korea, India and Indonesia.

Friction-reduction Mechanism

Sakura-Lube adheres to the surfaces of engine parts, forming a molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) film when friction occurs. MoS2 has a lamellar structure that peels apart under weak force, reducing friction between engine parts.

Plastic Additives that Contribute to a Recycling Society


With pollution from waste plastic remaining a persistent social problem, the plastics industry is called on to deliver further enhancements to functionality, as part of the march toward a recycling-oriented society. To scale back environmental impact while enriching people’s lives, ADEKA is providing environment-friendly plastics that afford the same or better functionality as conventional plastics, under the brand ADK CYCLOAID.

Additives That Enhance the Performance of Recycled Plastics


Environment-Friendly PVC

Mainly targeting polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this polyester-based plasticizer* is biomass-based, providing a good fit for a recycling-oriented society. Made from natural plant materials, this series contributes to the achievement of a low-carbon society.

Applications: Automotive parts (interior and exterior)

Address challenges including the growing diversification of eating habits, environmental friendliness and health trends

Plant-based foods

Deli-PLANTS is a product that does not directly contain animal ingredients as raw materials or food additives. Under the brand name Deli-PLANTS, which is a combination of the words “delicious” and “plants,” we are taking on the challenge of creating delicious plant-based foods that are environmentally friendly, healthconscious, and responsive to diversifying food preferences

Examples of uses
Highly concentrated oat milk Prepared foods, frozen foods, confectionery, breads, pastries, ice cream, etc.
Plant-based cheese cream Confectionery, prepared foods, frozen foods, etc.
Plant-based whipping cream Confectionery, prepared foods, frozen foods, etc.
Plant-based margarine Confectionery, prepared foods, frozen foods, breads, etc.

Plant-based cheese

Deli-PLANTS semi-hard

Ensuring both environmental friendliness and fire safety by not containing halogen

Intumescent Flame Retardants

More than a few fire accidents claim invaluable lives because of smoke and toxic gases. The ADK STAB FP-2000 series flame retardants increase the flame retardance of plastics and also reduce the quantity and toxicity of smoke. It contains phosphorus and nitrogen and creates an insulating barrier made of char layers to save invaluable lives and precious assets.

Realizing lightweighting of vehicles with light and strong plastics


In recent years, as automakers have pursued greater fuel efficiency, they have been seeking ways to reduce auto-body weight, such as replacing metal with plastic parts. PP containing ADK STAB NA-27 can reduce 7% of the part thickness by an addition of mere 0.1wt%. This is equivalent to about 6kg* of lightweighting. Thus it is contributing to the reduction of environmental impact by reducing vehicle weight.
* Estimated value when assuming that 90kg of polypropylene are used per vehicle.

Addressing Resource Depletion

Rare-Metal-Free Active Material

Due to the high energy densities, light weight and compact size, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are used in a variety of electrical products. Continued development is anticipated to further establish lithium-ion batteries as a key technology for realizing a low-carbon society, in applications such as large energy storage systems for renewable energy and as a power source to drive electric vehicles (EVs) ADEKA is studying the mass production of sulfurized polyacrylonitorile (SPAN), a product of the reaction of polyacrylonitorile (PAN) with sulfur, and promoting the commercialization.

Contributing to Reduced Food Loss by Extending Sell-by Dates

Marvelous Kneading Oil for Bread-baking

Nothing beats the softness and moist texture of fresh-baked bread, the way it feels when biting and the way it melts in the mouth. Marvelous is a functional oil that makes this wonderful quality last longer, enabling sell-by dates to be extended. We expect the market for this product to grow, as needs expand not only in bread-baking but also in Western confections and Japanese sweets.

Arrange Whip FC a Freeze-resistant Whipped Cream

This whipped cream is mixed with other ingredients to make foods resistant to the effects of freezing, eliciting maximum flavor from fruit sauces and other blending ingredients. By reducing the loss of product quality that results from the loss of flavor and water separation after defrosting, Arrange Whip FC preserves the fresh-made deliciousness of treats, thereby cutting food losses in the Western-confection market.


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