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Contribute to CO2 Reduction by Fuel-Saving Effect
Lubricant Additive (ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE)

ADEKA Additives Reduce Friction and Wear

"The ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE series" of lubricants was originally developed by ADEKA Corporation using organic molybdenum compounds. By adding "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE", the friction coefficient of engine oil is significantly reduced. It also contains anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties. Closer attention has been placed on friction reducing properties that reduce energy loss and minimize CO2 emissions. Because of its ability to improve fuel efficiency, "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE" is used as a friction modifier in a wide range of engine oils and grease, especially in the automotive industry. The graph below illustrates ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE's effect on engine oil. ADEKA proudly claims that this additive significantly improves fuel consumption.

Improvement rate for fuel consumption
CO2emissions reduction figures

The Significance of 1.7%

Photo: Shield from winning the Japan Petroleum Institute Award

"ADKEA SAKURA-LUBE" improves fuel consumption by 1.7%. On a large scale, however it would make a significant impact on the environment. If 1,000,000 vehicles used "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE", fuel consumption would be reduced by 17,000kL/year, equivalent to 39,000t of CO2 emissions per year.
The Sakura Lube Series is highly regarded in the automotive industry. Most of new cars on the road today in Japan are using engine oils containing "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE".
ADEKA is double proud of "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE" for its industry wide acceptance and the contribution it makes in helping the environment.


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