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Low Chlorine Epoxy Resin

Low Halogen Management Epoxy Resins
Low Chlorine Epoxy Resin

ADEKA Developed the Original Manufacturing Process of Low Chlorine Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resin used in various applications is superior in adhesive strength, heat resistance and has good handling, too. However, epoxy resin usually includes several percent chlorine as impurities. Recently, the market of epoxy resin is expanding to adhesives and sealants which are used in circuit boards of electronic devices such as PC, cell-phone and that kind of things. Chloride impurities included in epoxy resin corrodes wirings of circuit boards and occurs with poisonous gasses in the case that circuit boards burn. ADEKA provides Low chlorine Epoxy Resin, which is removed to chloride impurities as purity as possible.

Low Chlorine Epoxy Resin

Low-viscosity type of Purified Epoxy Resin

ADEKA develops four low chlorine epoxy resin product families: "special products," "modified products," "general-purpose products," and "diluents."
"ADEKA RESIN EP-4088 series" have besides being easy to handle due to its low viscosity, it gives adhesiveness to various base materials.
"ADEKA RESIN EP-4000 series" have characteristics of giving flexibility to curing polymers. ADEKA have the great variety of special purified epoxy resins which other companies don't have.



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