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Polymer Additives R&D Laboratory

Polymer Additives R&D Laboratory

Polymer additive is an indispensable material that grants resin the functions and features expected in the processes from production to casting to disposal. ADEKA is focusing on developing a broad line of original products, as well as solutions that meet the needs of consumers. It also functions as a technical center necessary for our global expansion as a comprehensive polymer additive manufacture.

Major Research Themes

Polymer Additives

Selecting a more suitable additive helps in the production of high value-addition plastics that have varied advantages, including superior resistance. ADEKA has been promoting development of new products such as light stabilizers, antioxidants, and nucleating agents that are safe and eco-friendly, and has been emphasizing on the development of products suitable for a wide range of applications. We will continue to develop new leading products with focus on the keywords ‘global’, ’safe’,and ‘eco-friendly’ for industries such as the automobile industry that has come to a turning point.

Featured ProductsUltraviolet A Absorbent

Flame Retardants

We promote the development of halogen-free flame retardants with less generation of carbon monoxide and smoke to make the products more eco–friendly and reduce human damages in case of fire. Through research and development of flame retardants, we strive to spread awareness about fire safety among more and more people and contribute to the society.

Featured ProductsFlame Retardants

Eco-Friendly PVC Stabilizers

Lead compounds that fall in the category of hazardous heavy metals have been used as PVC stabilizers for many years, however, it has now become a global trend to avoid the use of lead compounds considering its adverse effects on human health and environment. We will promote research and development of eco-friendly stabilizers aimed at replacing harmful metals such as lead and reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and will contribute to the environmental response in the global market.

Featured ProductsEco-friendly stabilizers


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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