Research and Development

Functional Chemicals Development Laboratory

Functional Chemicals Development Laboratory

Utilizing the Interface Science, which is the basic technology of ADEKA, we are working on research and development of water borne coating materials, raw materials for cosmetics, and lubricant additives. In recent years, we have focused on the development of environment-friendly products and have developed coating materials such as reactive emulsifiers for water-based paints and adhesives, paint additives, and water-based resins. We are also developing distinctive cosmetic materials such as gelling agents and glycol-based moisturizers by utilizing our technical expertise in surfactants, which we have been researching since the early days of the company. We have been developing lubricant additives for engine oils by improving the evaluation test facilities, and complying with the strengthened environmental regulations of the concerned countries, which are becoming stricter year by year.

Major Research Themes

Water Borne Coating Materials

We are engaged in the research and development of water borne coating materials that are friendly to people and the environment. We focus on developing eco-friendly products for a wide variety of applications by utilizing our interface control technology and know-how, such as water-based resins that contribute to reducing the use of organic solvents and reactive emulsifiers that contribute to higher functionality in coatings.

Featured ProductsWater Borne Resins , Reactive Emulsifiers

Cosmetic Ingredients

In the field of cosmetics, which requires a high level of safety and long-term preservability, we are engaged in the research and development of unique and highly functional cosmetic ingredients, such as hypoallergenic moisturizers and gelling agents that impart high elasticity, by utilizing our technological capabilities cultivated over many years. In recent years, we have been expanding the variety of natural-derived products with an awareness of industry trends.

Featured ProductsFunctional Cosmetic Ingredients

Lubricant Additives, marine fuel additives

We are engaged in research and development of lubricant additives to correspond diversifying technology demand for the automobile and other machine industries, where carbon neutrality is required. Our additive that will contribute to improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions in the automobile industry, is currently used in the engine oils of many new automobiles in Japan, and there is an increasing demand from the overseas market as well. We are therefore focusing on market development tailored to local regions and customers. Reducing environmental impact is strongly required to the shipping industry, and low-sulfur fuel oil began to be widely used in 2020. We are developing marine fuel additives that can address various problems associated with the use of this fuel.

Featured ProductsLubricant Additives


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