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  • Net Sales

    403.3billion yen
  • Operating Profit(OPM:%)

    32.3billion yen(8.0%)


Even 100 years after the company’s founding,
our commitment to contribute to society has been inherited
without interruption as our DNA.

Five business domains

ADEKA Group has been contributing to the realization of a healthy and affluent society by developing
and delivering product lines of technological excellence that
are competitive on global markets and safe, high-quality services adapted to the needs of society.


    Food Products

    By providing processed oils and foods, the Group contributes to safe, dependable and richly varied diets.

    Margarine, shortenings, whipping cream, fats and oils for chocolate, Plant-Based Foods, etc.

    Electronics and IT materials

    The Group provides products that apply leading-edge technologies that are indispensable for today’s ICT-driven society.

    Semiconductor materials, display materials, etc.

    Functional Chemicals

    The Group provides high-value-added products used in a wide swath of fields, from infrastructure to cosmetics and toiletries.

    Waterborne resins, cosmetic ingredients, lubricant additives, propylene glycol, etc.

    Life Sciences

    The Group provides agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal healthcare products, conduct R&D focusing on regenerative medicine.

    Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal healthcare products, etc.

    Polymer Additives

    The ADEKA Group provides a variety of additives indispensable for boosting the performance, working life and recyclability of plastics.

    Additives for polyolefins, plasticizers/ PVC stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.

Position in Market

ADEKA Group has been contributing to affluent lifestyles through the provision of our valuable products.

  • High-k materials for
    semiconductor memories

    Global share
    More than50%
  • Lubricant additive for engine oil

    Adoption rate of
    domestic cars
  • Polymer additives

    Global share

Global Networking

Based on ADEKA Group management philosophy〝Creating a better future for the people of the world″,
we are developing our business in the global market.

Developing our business
16countries and regions
  • Overseas sales/
    Overseas sales ratio

    220.6billion yen(54.7%)
  • Sales by region

    Europe, America
    and Others:

    FY2022 result

The future

Helping to build a sustainable future,
ADEKA Group will maximize its sales and profit by addressing
social issues through developing its products and services.

ADEKA Group MTMP ADX 2023  FY2021-FY2023

We made an upward revision of targets for ADEKA Group MTMP ADX 2023 on August 10, 2022.

  • Operating Profit
    42.0 billion yen

    (Net sales 430.0 billion yen)

  • ROE
    9 %
  • Capital Investment
    (3-year total)
    50.0 billion yen
  • Rate of dividend payout
    Maintained More than 30%

Themes of focus

  • EV
  • 5G
  • Food shortage

Enriching people’s lives through our business