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Information Media Materials Development Laboratory

Information Media Materials Development Laboratory

Information Media Materials Development Laboratory, which develops the ADEKA ARKLS series, conducts development of state-of-the-art advanced technologies, including photosensitive materials related to leading information appliances for the next generation, and photo curing resins. By capitalizing our unique organic synthesis technology and high purity processing technology, compounding technology, and evaluation technology, we will contribute to high technology that supports an information society.

Major Research Themes


In addition to the research and development of oxime radical polymerization initiator for achieving high sensitivity and high reliability, by making full use of the ppb order metal impurity control technology, we have been promoting the research and development of photoacid generators and photobase generators that support miniaturization and high density packaging for semiconductors. In addition to developing new materials making use of efficient synthesis technologies such as coupling reaction, we aim to contribute to technological innovations in next-generation products by developing solutions that meet various applications.

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Photo (Light) Curing Resins

We are developing cationic curing resin materials that can be instantly hardened from liquid state by irradiating with light (ultraviolet rays) or thermal energy. Compared to thermal curing, the energy load during curing is reduced, which is expected to reduce CO2 emissions. In recent years, in order to respond to the "high speed and large capacity," "low latency," and "connectivity with many terminals" of 5G, in addition to developing proprietary materials, we have focused on further strengthening our compounding technology to take advantage of the strengths of our materials, and we also engaged in research and development of water soluble UV curable materials using water as a solvent that are friendly to humans and the environment. We will develop products that meet the needs of all fields, including electronic materials and displays, as well as printing and coating applications, and contribute to reducing the burden on people and the environment.

Featured ProductsPhoto (Light) Curing Resins

News ReleasePeople-and eco-friendly, a water-soluble UV curing material is developed with low VOC content

Display Related Materials

ADEKA's optical materials such as coating materials for scratch resistant, adhesives, resins for molding, and resists for color filters are widely used for displays in devices such as liquid crystal televisions and smart phones. While our focus is on UV adhesives for polarizing plates, we have technologies that can handle all kinds of films such as TAC, PMMA, COP, or PET. We are also researching on solutions for thin display, high definition, and high brightness by making full use of our original techniques such as organic synthesis technology, high purification technology, and compounding technology.


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