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Understanding ADEKA's business

Polymer Additives

The ADEKA Group provides a variety of additives indispensable for boosting the performance, working life and recyclability of plastics.

Additives for polyolefins, plasticizers/ PVC stabilizers, flame retardants, etc.

Electronics and IT materials

The Group provides products that apply leading-edge technologies that are indispensable for today’s ICT-driven society.

Semiconductor materials, display materials, etc.

Functional Chemicals

The Group provides high-value-added products used in a wide swath of fields, from infrastructure to cosmetics and toiletries.

Waterborne resins, cosmetic ingredients, lubricant additives, propylene glycol, etc.

Food Products

By providing processed oils and foods, the Group contributes to safe, dependable and richly varied diets.

Margarine, shortenings, whipping cream, fats and oils for chocolate, Plant-Based Foods, etc.

Life Sciences

The Group provides agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal healthcare products and other life-science-related products.
We also conduct research and development focusing on regenerative and preventive medicine and improvement of the quality of life.

Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, quasipharmaceutical products, animal healthcare products, wood chemicals, medical materials, etc.


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