Research and Development

Functional Polymers Laboratory

Functional Polymers Laboratory

As a comprehensive manufacturer of epoxy resin, we are working on the development of compounded products, as well as resin materials such as epoxy base resin, diluents, and curing agents. Using our special expertise in modifying technology and curing technology developed by ADEKA over the years, we are focusing on the research and development of resin materials for automobiles, electronics, and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). We have also developed a new adhesion system that uses an infrared laser as a heating method with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.

Functionality and benefits of the CLS system:Rapid curing electrically conductive adhesive

Major Research Themes

Resin Materials for Automobiles

As a resin material for structural adhesives, we have built up a track record in European and U.S. vehicles and are expanding globally. In addition to specialty epoxy resins and specialty urethane resins, we are focusing on research and development of resin materials for new adhesives required for next-generation automobiles by taking advantage of our strength in resin materials. We will also work to develop curing systems with less environmental impact and on providing essential materials for parts and components for the next-generation automobiles.

Resin Materials for Electronic Use

In response to industry demands to address environmental issues, we have been developing epoxy resins and hardeners that meet halogen-free for electronic material applications. We have "specialty epoxy resin", "modified epoxy resin", "general-purpose epoxy resin", "reactive diluents", and "latent curing agents", and are developing products to meet the requirements of customers.

Featured ProductsLow Chlorine Epoxy Resins

Materials for Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)

We are developing rapid-curing and high-strength resin systems utilizing ADEKA's resin materials such as special epoxy resins and amine curing agents for Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (FRP) such as GFRP and CFRP used in wind turbine blades and vehicle weight reduction in collaboration with customers. We are also developing the FRP molding technology utilizing infrared-curing resin materials.

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