Research and Development

Functional Polymers Laboratory

Functional Polymers Laboratory

As a comprehensive manufacturer of epoxy resin, we are working on the development of compounded products, as well as resin materials such as epoxy base resin, diluents, and curing agents. Using our special expertise in modifying technology and curing technology developed by ADEKA over the years, we are focusing on the research and development of resin materials for automobiles, electronics, and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

New TechnologyLaser Curing Adhesive System

Major Research Themes

Resin Materials for Automobiles

Apart from special epoxy resin, we are engaged in developing adhesives (compounded products) that make use of the strengths of resin materials. In addition to the global expansion of resin for structural adhesives, which is widely used in European cars, we are promoting the development of new adhesives for vehicles including next-generation cars. We are also working on developing curing systems capable of high-speed processing, and on providing materials which are indispensable for components and parts in next-generation automotive businesses.

Resin Materials for Electronic Use

ADEKA is engaged in the development of epoxy resins in response to the trend of encouraging the use of halogen-free substances in the applications of electronic materials. We are promoting the development of low chlorine epoxy resins as "special products," "modified products," "general-purpose products," "diluents," and "latent curing agents" to meet the requirements of customers.

Featured ProductsLow Chlorine Epoxy Resins

Materials for Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP).

We utilize ADEKA’s expertise in epoxy resin modification and amine curing agent-based curing technology to develop fast curing resin systems and materials that are compatible with FRP. We have been collaborating with customers to make our materials compatible with the GFRP and CFRP materials used in wind power generating blades and eco-friendly vehicles.


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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