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Laser Curing Adhesive System

New adhesive technology that has much potential to improve productivity and energy saving
Laser curing adhesive system

"Semiconductor laser heating" + "Snap curing adhesives"

"Epoxy resin adhesives are used for many applications, including adhesives for parts and insulation seals. An oven, such as an electronic furnace for heating, is commonly used for hardening epoxy resin adhesive. ADEKA, however, has developed a new adhesive system that produces lower environmental load by using a semiconductor laser as a heat source for curing.
Since the semiconductor laser offers high energy efficiency and can perform local heating, it features a heating method with low environmental load. Utilizing that feature, it is used in various fields, such as photolithography and fine processing. Our new epoxy resin adhesive produced by our molecular design technology features snap curing and high durability. We have developed a low environmental load type adhesive system by combining these two key-technology.

Proposal for New Adhesive Method

For a processing method that uses adhesive, batch processing using an oven for heating is widely adopted; however, it takes a long time for curing. ADEKA proposes an in-line method that implements the processes from application, to curing, to inspection on a single line. This method can significantly reduce processing time. For this reason, our new in-line method can achieve energy savings and a cost reduction of over 90% as compared with the traditional method (based on our research).

Furthermore, ADEKA proposes various usage methods by utilizing the advantages of the laser curing adhesive system.

  • A local heating method to adhering and/or sealing module parts with less thermal resistance parts by heating only adhesive parts in a sealing method
  • A method which apply and cure adhesives simultaneously
  • A precision adhesive method that can fix fine parts with high accuracy

We also have been working on development and implementation of the new method by applying various ideas.

ADEKA has developed new materials that do not adhere to existing ideas. We will continue to contribute to social development for a safe and secure future through developing materials such as epoxy resins, hardners, etc., and adhesive technologies.

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