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Surface Specialties

Surface Specialties

We have a variety of distinctive product groups that are made of a harmony of various petrochemical raw materials and natural ingredients developed by accumulation of interfacial chemical technologies through our continuous research and development activities. In recent years, we have focused on development of environmentally friendly products having high functionalities. These products are used in a wide range of fields, from detergents and cosmetics to industrial applications for the purpose of environmental hygiene, energy saving, resource conservation, etc.


Products List

  • General-Purpose Surfactants

  • Through untiring R&D, we have incorporated technologies in oils and fats, soaps, and synthetic detergents that have resulted in a unique range of surfactants that can be combined with petrochemicals to form raw materials.


    ADEKA HOPE series

    Anionic surfactants. Used for shampoos, toiletries, wetting agents, etc..

    ADEKA COL series

    Anionic surfactants. Phosphate ester based materials including raw materials for textile oils, wetting and dispersing agents for pigments, and many other areas.

    ADEKA TOL series

    Nonionic surfactants. This series is used for all areas related to washing applications. A variety of series including natural products as well as synthetic products are available.

    ADEKA NOL series

    Nonionic surfactants. For wide applications including defoamers, emulsifiers, solubilizing agents, and dispersants. Low in toxicity.

    ADEKA ESTOL series

    Nonionic surfactants. These are ester based products used as emulsifiers.

    ADEKA NOL NK series

    Nonionic surfactants. These are ester based products used as emulsifiers.

    ADEKA SOL series

    These products are derived from natural palm and used for shampoo and toiletries.

    ADEKA PEG series

    Polyethylene glycol. We have various line-up with different molecular weights.

    ADEKA MINE series

    Cationic surfactants. These products are for many applications including softening agent, wax emulsifier, pigment dispersant.

    ADEKA AMPHOTE series

    Amphoteric surfactant. Lauryl betaine of natural origin. They have mild irritation, biodegradability, and excellent in cleaning performance, these products are used for washing applications.

  • Functional Surfactants

  • For Synthetic Resin Emulsions & Coatings

    We develop and provide high quality surfactants, such as reactive surfactants or viscosity modifiers for resin coating applications, industrial defoaming agents, etc.


    ADEKA REASOAP series

    Reactive surfactants having radical polymerizable groups in the molecule, and improving physical properties of obtained resin film such as water resistance. These products also are reforming monomers used for radical polymerization.

    ADEKA NOL UH series (Thickener and Viscosity Adjusting Agents)

    These products exert excellent performance in control of thickness and viscosity in synthetic resin emulsions such as aqueous emulsion paints and emulsion adhesives, and also are thickener/ viscosity adjusting agents that impart viscosity including from leveling property to thixotropy.

    ADEKA NOL UC series (Water-Based Light Stabilizers)

    Water dispersible light stabilizer. Excellent in miscibility with various water-based resins besides being excellent in anti-weatherability. Addition of these products does not impair luster of the coated film.

    ADEKA NATE B, S series (Defoamers)

    This is a distinctive, highly effective defoamer series produced by the sophisticated surfactant development technologies accumulated over many years at ADEKA. Please choose the best suited defoamers for your application and required performance from our line-up of defoamers.

    For Coatings

    Our coatings are used as additives for water-based coatings.


    ADEKA PLANON series

    Anti tenting agents. Available for application of water-based coatings including VOC free products.

    For Industrial Detergents

    Our Indusrial detergent line-up provides low foaming products. These products give excellent cleaning performance, rinsability, and foam inhibiting effect for industrial detergents.


    ADEKA NOL B, BO series

    Low foaming surfactant. The lineup covers steel plate degreasing agents, surface treatment agents, and base materials for detergents.

    ADEKA NOL LG series

    Defoamer. Good foam destroying and inhibiting properties. Used as defoamer to be contained in detergent as it has good water dispersion.

    For Cement, Mortar

    This serves as a defoamer and shrinkage reducing agent for mortar or concrete. Durability is improved when applied to structural members.


    ADEKA NATE B series

    Defoamer for mortar and concrete. Strength drop by foaming is prevented and work efficiency at site is improved. A variety of products are vailable, including in liquid as well as powder form.


    Shrinkage reducing agent for mortar and concrete. Crack occurrence is reduced by reducing shrinkage during hardening. Durability is also improved. Available in liquid as well as in powder form.

    For Papermaking

    This serves as an additive in the papermaking process.


    ADEKA NOL RP series

    De-inking agents. Good in carbon aggregability.


    Cation polymers. Excellent in ink jet deposition and water resistance.

    For Fermentation Processing

    We sell process chemicals for the fermentation industry.


    ADEKA NOL LG series

    Defoamers for processing in the fermentation industry. KOSHER, HALAL compatible grades are also available.

    For Information, Electronics

    We sell various chemical agents to be used for manufacturing information and electronics related components.


    ADEKA NOL C series

    Water-based cutting fluids and Polishing auxiliaries. Remarkable effect for silicon wafers.

    ADEKA NOL LG series

    Defoamers for production of printed circuit boards. Good foam breaking property.

  • Functional Cosmetic Ingredients

  • This is for moisturizing, gelation agents, and other functionalization chemicals.



    Octanediol. Good moisturizing and bacteriostatic effect. Usable for cosmetics and toiletries in general.


    Low irritation, high water solubility, as well as good moisturizing and bacteriostatic effect. Usable for cosmetics and toiletries in general.


    Low irritation, high water solubility, as well as good moisturizing and bacteriostatic effect. Usable for cosmetics and toiletries in general.

    ADEKA NOL GT series

    Gelatinizing agents for cosmetics. Material for elastic gel featuring excellent salt tolerance and transparency.

    ADEKA COL CC series

    Cations of quaternary ammonium compounds, which have less irritation. A certain amount of these products is compatible with anionic surfactants. These products are used mainly for conditioners.


    Quaternary ammonium cation polymers. Used for hair care products. Good in fixity to hair.


    Suitable for neutralizer for soaps. Low odor and low melting point. Usable for various cosmetics as a mild chelating agent.


    Suitable for functionalization of cosmetics. We provide two series of products, mevalonolactone (stimulation of cholesterol metabolism) and β-glucan (improvement in moisture-retaining property and usability) .

  • Lubricant Additives

  • Our lubricant additives cover many varieties, including organic molybdenum additives with functions of friction reduction, and prevention of wear and oxidation; and zinc, phosphorus, or non-metal additives with functions of wear prevention, friction modification, extreme-pressure additive, and anti-oxidation agent.



    Organic molybdenum based lubricant additives (powder/liquid types).

    ADEKA KIKU-LUBE series

    Zinc-based/ ashless lubricant additives.


    For applications of antioxidants, wear prevention, extreme pressure additives, and friction control agents.

  • Base Materials for Lubricants

  • Our base materials for lubricant cover various base oils, including oil of high viscosity index type hydraulic and heat resistant oils.


    ADEKA CARPOL series

    Lubricant base materials based on polyalkylene glycol.

    ADEKA PROVER series

    Lubricant base materials based on ester.


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