Materials on Briefing Session

FY ended in March 2024

3rd Quarter

Overview & Supplemental Data(PDF:4.1 MB)PDF

1st Half

Overview & Supplemental Data(PDF:1.8 MB)PDF

1st Quarter

Overview & Supplemental Data(PDF:1.2 MB)PDF

Life Science Business(PDF:3.1 MB)PDF

ADEKA Group Mid-Term Management Plan

(held on Jun.2, 2021)

ADEKA Group Mid-Term Management Plan ADX 2023(PDF:2.7 MB)PDF

Business briefing session

Life Science
(held on Aug.29, 2023)

Presentation on Life Science Business(PDF:3.1 MB)PDF

Food products
(held on Mar.3, 2023)

Presentation on Food products Business(PDF:2.0 MB)PDF

Functional chemicals
(held on Aug.30, 2022)

Presentation on Functional chemicals Business(PDF:2.9 MB)PDF

Initiatives for
Climate Change Issues

(held on Mar.2, 2022)

ADEKA Group Initiatives for Climate Change Issues(PDF:2.8 MB)PDF

Electronics and IT materials
(held on Sep.2, 2021)

Presentation on Electronics and IT materials Business(PDF:5.5 MB)PDF

Polymer Additives
(held on Mar.16, 2021)

Presentation on Polymer Additives Business(PDF:3.7 MB)PDF


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