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Permanent Antistatic Agent

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Permanent Antistatic Agent (ADK STAB AS-301E)

Easy-to-handle and less influence on product color

Appearance of ADK STAB AS-301E

ADK STAB AS-301E is a polymeric permanent antistatic agent based on static dissipative action. It can provide excellent antistatic performance for Polyolefins, HIPS and Polyesters.
AS-301E can be readily used finished products by extrusion and injection molding as AS-301E is in pellet form and a pre-compounding step may be skipped. Another advantage of our antistatic agent is whitish color compared with conventional antistatic agent. As a consequence, the products including our antistatic agent can be colored easily.



Melting Point(℃, DSC)

Themal stability
(-1wt% loss)

Surface Resistivity
(Ω/sq., 50%R.H.)

Pale yellow pellets

ca. 92

>300 (under N2)


Anti-dust effect by using AS-301E

Immediate long-lasting antistatic effect

Comparing to migratory type of antistatic agent, AS-301E forms a conductive pathway in the surface layer of base resins and dissipate the electric charges along the polymer backbone, therefore plastics obtain antistatic effect immediately and there is no influence of wiping.

Influence of wiping on antistatic effect

figure: Influence of wiping on antistatic effect

Prevent undesired electrostatic charging

AS-301E can be applied to packaging for sensitive electric chips and devices, films for anti-dust applications and containers for explosive substances etc., which were needed for satisfying anti-dust and preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD).
AS-301E could achieve with loading level at 5-8 wt% for anti-dust and at 10-20 wt% for preventing ESD in polypropylene.

Antistatic performance in Polypropylene

figure: Antistatic performance in Polypropylene


figure: Application


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For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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