Corporate Slogan

Corporate Slogan

Corporate Slogan

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the Wish that Underlies Our Slogan

 Add Goodness, is intended to represent our business and our attitude.
 The slogan is intended to give our stakeholders, including each one of you,in the ADEKA Group, to better understand ADEKA.

 The ADEKA Group has the wonderful management policies of being a company that is To be a company that is progressive and dynamic with a keen attitude towards the new changing tide and Creating a better future for the people of the world.

 Since our establishment in 1917, our corporate culture and climate have been characterized by our sense of mission to enrich people's lives by developing and delivering products.

 Although ADEKA Group has contributed to society in many different ways during its long history, we have grown very big, and have also become a very complex corporate entity.
 Couldn't a simpler, easy-to-understand phrase represent the essence of the ADEKA Group that has been developed over the years?
Couldn't that phrase help deepen understanding of the ADEKA Group, both inside and outside the group?

 We thought about it often, before arriving at this slogan. Add Goodness.

Literally, Add Goodness means adding something good.

 The ADEKA Group manufactures materials. But the materials can also be considered our assets.
 From our multipurpose products to those using most advanced technologies, the products and services of the ADEKA Group are the assets resulting from each one of us involved in the process from the purchasing of raw materials to the delivery of products to customers, making the effort to add goodness.

It is wrong to think that the raw materials coming from upstream processes just pass through us before reaching downstream destinations, the customers and the consumers.

 We add goodness to the raw material to make them our assets and help to enrich people's lives.
 If you can identify ways to add goodness to the ADEKA Group that support the enrichment of people's lives, We have been this happy!

Key Visual

We designed wooden blocks in corporate color to express how we are MAKING LIFE BETTER by adding the SOZAI (our Excellent Value; products, technologies and services) we handle to various parts of our life.