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Photo(Light) Curing Resins

Cures Quickly to Reduce Environmental Burdens
Photo(Light) curing Resins (ADEKA ARKLS KR series)

Environmental Contribution Born from the Light

Compared to thermal curing, photo(light) curing resin has achieved a significant shortening curing time and improving in production efficiency. It also requires little in the way of space for installing the equipment for curing. Furthermore, since curing is achieved at low temperature, it can also apply to the material (base material) that are heat sensitive.
In addition to these benefits, compared to thermal curing the burden in terms of energy needed for curing is extremely low, and the CO2 generation has been reduced. It also contribute to creating a pleasant working environment on both environmental and hygienic point since organic solvents are not used.
ADEKA’s Photo(light) curing resin is used for the firm hard coatings, adhesion and forming the optical elements etc. which are mainly used in liquid crystal displays. Aside from these, it is also ideally suited for the hard coating on ID cards and camera lens, as well as for adhesion of electronic parts. It can be expected that it will expand out into a broad array of field in the future.

Image: Photo curing Mechanism


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