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High performance nucleating agent for lightweighting of vehicle

Contributions to lightweighting of vehicle and fuel efficiency
Nucleating Agent (ADK STAB NA-27)

As electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HV) grew popular until the present day, lightweighting of vehicle will be required furthermore. In particular, as one of the measures for reducing vehicle weight, metal parts is being replaced by plastic parts.
ADK STAB NA-27 is high performance nucleating agent that improves stiffness effectively and enhances durability. Therefore, adding ADK STAB NA-27 to polypropylene (PP) auto parts can reduce the thickness of the parts. Consequently, ADK STAB NA-27 can contribute to improvement of fuel efficiency and to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from fuel consumption.

Main PP auto parts

Main PP auto parts

Improving stiffness of auto parts due to generating fine crystals

Nucleating agent provides “foothold” for generating nuclei. Therefore, more homogenized and fine crystals can be obtained. ADK STAB NA-27 provides excellent stiffness such as flexural modulus and heat distortion temperature even at low loading levels, compared to conventional nucleating agents. It also enhances crystallization rate of PP, resulting in improved processing such as cycle time and productivity.

Comparison of PP crystals with Commodity NA and with ADK STAB NA-27

Commodity NA 0.1phr
Commodity NA
Large crystal
NA-27 0.1phr
NA-27 0.1phr
Fine and unified PP crystals

Improvement of flexural modulus and heat distortion temperature

figure: Flexural modulus
figure: HDT

Contribution to auto parts lightweighting

PP containing nucleating agent can reduce a compressive displacement per load. In particular, by adding mere 0.1 wt% of ADK STAB NA-27, thickness of a part could be 10% thinner than that of PP without NA to withstand the same load. That is equivalent to about 9kg of lightweighting if 90kg of PP are used in a vehicle.

Down gauging due to improvement of stiffness property

figure: Contribution to auto parts lightweighting


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