A Message for Our Investors

A Message for Our Investors

We wish to thank all our shareholders and investors for their continued support and guidance. On May 1, 2006, we changed the company name to ADEKA Corporation and moved to Arakawa Ward, Tokyo - the area where the company was first established. In keeping with the two management philosophies of the ADEKA Group of "Work hard to be a forward-looking organization by staying on the cutting edge" and "Be a respected member of the world community," it is our wish to contribute to the realization of a healthy and affluent society by developing and delivering product lines of technological excellence that are competitive on global markets and safe, high-quality services adapted to the needs of society. As well as continuing to heighten our corporate values in the future, we aim to realize contributions on a national, social and global scale to become a progressive global company and look forward to the continued support and guidance from all our shareholders and investors in the future.

Medium-range Management Policy

We are pleased to announce that our mid-term management plan for FY 2024 to 2026 started April 1, 2024.
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