ADEKA Group Social Media Policy

ADEKA Corporation and its Group companies (hereinafter referred to as "ADEKA Group") establish "ADEKA Group Social Media Policy" to delineate the basic principles relating to social media participation of ADEKA Group employees as specified below.
This policy applies to personal social media accounts owned by the ADEKA Group employees, and all information disseminated through social media by employees of the ADEKA group.
In this policy, "social media" is a generic term of services provided on the WEB, wherein its presence is supported by active participation and information dissemination of its users, and which provide a means of communication and information exchange among users as its major value of the service provision.
Employees of the ADEKA Group will comply with the following when using social media.

1. Awareness and responsibility in outgoing information

2. Compliance with laws/regulations, rules, etc.

3. Attention to duty, Public-and-private distinction

4. Prohibition of disclosure of information

5. Prohibition of defamation and infringement of intellectual property rights and other rights



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