Management Policy/Code of Conduct

Management Policy

To be a company that is progressive and dynamic with a keen attitude towards the new changing tide
Creating a better future for the people of the world

Our Group is developing a global network of business by focusing on our highly competitive and technologically superior product groups in the world market with the management policies: "To be a company that is progressive and dynamic with a keen attitude towards the new changing tide" and "Creating a better future for the people of the world."
While focusing on growing markets with unique excellent technology, we are striving for the leader in the specific market categories where our group is strongly competitive and contributing to promoting global welfare by providing the market with products of state-of-the-art and products truly responding to needs of our customers.

ADEKA Group's Code of Conduct

Contribute to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous society through our core business

We contribute to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous society by providing superior products and services that help resolve social issues.

Abide by laws and regulations in all corporate activities and conduct fair business in an ethical manner

We abide by domestic and overseas laws and regulations as well as corporate internal rules and conduct fair and transparent business in accordance with social ethics. We will never be involved in any type of corruption, including bribery, and will never give or accept any gifts or entertainment beyond the scope of the amount that is socially reasonable, as such behavior can become a breeding ground for corruption.

Foster corporate transparency by truthfully and accurately disclosing information regarding our business activities

We disclose business information that is useful for society in a timely and appropriate manner. We fully acknowledge the key relevance of protection of confidential information, including privacy of customers, and deal with such confidential information as customers data stored with us in accordance with the provisions of house rules in an appropriate and rigorous way.

Be serious about preserving the environment

We acknowledge that voluntary initiatives to the environmental efforts are essential for existence and activities of the enterprise. We give special consideration to preservation of the environment by endeavoring to development and provision of environmentally friendly products intended for easy recycle and tackling aggressively conservation of resources including energy and waste minimization.

Provide safe and high quality products and services

We develop and provide products and services truly contributing to construction of a sound and wealthy society. We provide products and services of safe and high quality, giving first priority to customers' satisfaction and reassurance.

Maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees

Considering each and every employee as a precious asset, we secure a safe and healthy working environment for employees in order to maintain and enhance their health and work-life balance. By respecting their human rights, giving them impartial and equal treatment, and achieving comfortable and prosperous lives for them, we build a vibrant company that appreciates their uniqueness and initiatives.

Open and friendly communication and activities, to serve the interest of society and stakeholders and to maintain their trust

We are willing to be a business enjoying deep-seated trust widely from society and stakeholders by emphasizing the dialogue with them. We highly esteem traditional culture and practices not only in Japan, but also in the countries where we are located, make best efforts to contribute to development of communities in various aspects by participating in community activities, disaster relief services and other volunteerism.

Strive to achieve sustainable growth and success for the benefit of our employees, shareholders and society

We seek for harmonization as well as co-existence and co-prosperity with the civil society and strive for a sound and vital development and an increase of profitability through fair and transparent management and global and innovative business activities, thereby realizing an appropriate return of our results to the society.

Not tolerate anti-social forces or behavior

We totally exclude the relationship with any anti-social forces and groups jeopardizing order and security in the civil society and putting undue pressure on business activities and reject their unreasonable demands aggressively.

10. Thorough risk management

We perform thorough and systematic risk management in order to prepare for natural calamities, cyberattack, terrorism, or acts of antisocial forces, and to ensure the security of our employees and continuity of our business.

11. For the betterment of society

We aim to keep on creating new value that contributes to the realization of a sustainable and better society while giving due consideration to protecting the environment, human rights, intellectual property, and so on. In order to achieve this, we make efforts in our supply chain to understand the provisions of this Code of Conduct and to work on it in unison.


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