ADEKA VISION 2030/Mid-term Management Plan

Our Vision for 2030


The target year of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is 2030. In 2030, ADEKA aspires to be a corporate entity that is helping to build a sustainable future and supporting people's affluent lifestyles by leading the world with its innovative technologies and expanding its wide range of businesses worldwide.

Mid-Term Management Plan "ADX 2026" (FY2024-FY2026)

ADX 2026
ADX denotes ADEKA Transformation. It is ADEKA’s intent to transform itself for achieving its continuous growth.
ADX 2026 defines its three-year period as a period for carrying out continued transformation with a view towards achieving ADEKA Group's vision for 2030, ADEKA VISION 2030 — An Innovative Company Contributing to a Sustainable Future and Affluent Lifestyles —.


ADX 2026 Target

Operating profit  JPY 53 billion
(Net sales: JPY 500 billion)
ROE 11.0%
ROIC 10.5%
Sustainability *1
Sales of
Eco-friendly products
JPY 115 billion
(2.5 folds the FY2019 level)
GHG emissions 199 thousand t-CO2e *2
(13% reduction the FY2013 level)
Ratio of women in
managerial positions
6% or more
Capital investment amount JPY 75 billion
(3 years)
Dividend policy
(Dividend payout ratio)
40% or more *3

*1 Indicators associated with the ADEKA Group Sustainability Priority Issues.
*2 A unit for indicating different GHG emissions in a uniform manner by converting them into CO2 equivalent amounts.
*3 Based on our comprehensive consideration of appropriate shareholder returns, maintaining stable dividends as our policy.

Fundamental policy

Promoting sustainability initiatives for greater social value and continuous growth
– Earnings power, sustainability and a resilient management foundation –

The ADEKA Group will construct a resilient management foundation that responds flexibly to changes. Seeing the expansion of Eco-friendly products as an opportunity for growth, it will increase its earnings strength and achieve continuous growth.

ADX basic policy

Key strategies

In a bid for greater corporate value through the co-creation of social value and profit, the ADEKA Group will work to transition to a high profitability structure, to increase Eco-friendly products and reduce of GHG emissions through business structure transformation and to establish a resilient management foundation.

Transition to a high profitability structure

After increasing its earning strength, it will seek business growth with a focus that has shifted from an expansion of scale to profit.
•Enlarge electronics and IT materials and restructure underperforming businesses
•Expand strategic products
•Promote new products and implement new businesses
•Increase capital efficiency

Increase Eco-friendly products and reduce of GHG emissions through business structure transformation

We will promote initiatives for sustainability and implement growth strategies that incorporate opportunities to solve social issues.
•Expand and create Eco-friendly products
•Reduce GHG emissions with a view towards carbon neutrality
•Address ADEKA Group’s priority sustainability issues

Establish a resilient management foundation

We will strengthen our management foundation and respond flexibly in an environment of high uncertainty.
•Strengthen supply chains
•Enhance human capital
•Promote DX


Details of the ADX 2026 Mid-Term Management Plan will be explained in the briefings on the financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024. (The materials will be made available on the ADEKA website on May 29, 2024.)


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