Fundamental CSR Policy/CSR Management

The ADEKA Group Fundamental CSR Policy

The ADEKA Group contributes to the creation of a sustainable future by meeting stakeholders' expectations with technologies and reliability through fair and transparent corporate activities.

The ADEKA Group Fundamental CSR Policy expresses the basic stance of the Group to integrate management and CSR from the perspective of contributing to a sustainable future and continue to improve its corporate value to meet stakeholders' expectations. Guided by this Fundamental Policy, all ADEKA Group employees practice CSR, fulfilling the Group’s social responsibilities throughout the supply chain and providing value as a producer of materials that address a variety of social issues. We also respond to stakeholders’ evolving expectations, enhancing our corporate value by contributing to a sustainable society through our operations.

Decision-Making Process for CSR Priority Issues

Determined to achieve sustainable growth as a good corporate citizen, the ADEKA Group recognizes the importance of addressing social issues through its business activities and contributing proactively to the advancement of society.
To share this commitment Group-wide and execute these efforts as a team, the ADEKA Group has identified a series of CSR priority issues. The CSR priority issues were selected in light of their importance to internal and external stakeholders as well as to the Group’s business.


Extracting Potential CSR Priority Issues

Based on international guidelines, benchmark case studies, investment-related indexes, and internal interviews, thoroughly examine the ESG risks and opportunities in the corporate activities of the ADEKA Group and select 38 items.


Scoring and Visualizing the CSR Priority Issues

Through discussions in the CSR Committee, CSR Promotion Subcommittee, and internal divisions, sort the items based on the importance to the ADEKA Group's stakeholders on one axis and the importance to the Group's business on the other axis.

Social issues that should be prioritized

Identifying Priority Domains and CSR Priority Issues

Categorize the CSR priority issues according to each ESG aspect and each related priority domain.

CSR Priority Issues and KPIs

The Group identified seven CSR priority issues in four priority domains and specified a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) for realizing ADEKA VISION 2030. Going forward, the Group will use the KPIs in managing its business activities, as it strives to realize its targets.

Priority Domains CSR Priority Issues for 2030
KPIs in 2030
E Environment
  • Conserving the global environment
  • Gather ideas from all members of ADEKA to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
    2030: Reduce CO2 emissions by 46% from 2013 (Scope 1+2)
  • Supply of eco-friendly products
  • Net sales of eco-friendly products: Increase to triple the level of 2019
S Better living conditions and
  • Creating value that meets society’s expectations
  • Number of ADEKA Innovative Value (AIV) certifications: twice the number in 2019
  • Conduct Dialogue with stakeholders
  • Establish methods and opportunities for communication with each stakeholder
Human rights and human resources
  • Respect for human rights
  • Establish and disseminate ADEKA Group Human Rights Policy
  • Expand opportunities for utilizing human resources
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion (D&I):
    Human Resource Portfolio:
    Female manager percentage of 10% (non-consolidated) Diversity of personnel in management positions
    Develop Climate:
    Increase employee satisfaction
    D&I-related educational training, etc.
  • Promote Health Management:
    Obtain certification for Health & Productivity
    Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)
G Governance
  • Enhance Group governance and risk management
  • Penetration the Group Code of Conduct and the strengths unique to ADEKA
  • Implement Group BCP

Eco-friendly products

ADEKA defines “eco-friendly products” as products that contribute to reducing environmental impact throughout all phases of their life-cycles, from resource gathering to final disposal.⇒ Currently 14 product lines


Innovative Value)

ADEKA certifies its products whose value is recognized by the public both in name and practice based on recommendations from external parties, net sales, profitability, etc.⇒ Currently 14 products

AIV(ADEKA Innovative Value)

CSR Organization

CSR Organization

 In 2019, the ADEKA Group established the CSR Committee, a CSR decision-making body chaired by the president, and the CSR Promotion Subcommittee, which promotes Company-wide CSR initiatives. In April 2022, we established the Corporate Sustainability Department (Administrative Office) and the Carbon-Neutral Strategy Department with the aim of achieving further carbon neutrality and sustainable growth through sustainable management. We will accelerate our efforts by ambitiously integrating management and CSR.

Response to Various Initiatives

 ADEKA has signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which covers 10 principles in four fields: Human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, registered as a corporate participant on April 6, 2021. In tandem with this move, ADEKA joined Global Compact Network Japan, an association of Japanese companies and others that are UNGC signatories.

Educational and Training Initiatives to Raise Awareness within the Group

  • Questionnaire survey of ADEKA employees
    To measure the effects of its SDGs measures and provide feedback for considering improvements, the Group circulated a questionnaire survey in December 2021. The survey gauged employees’ awareness of social issues and identified issues and key points for internal communications.

  • Dissemination and Penetration through the Portal Site
    Introduce information such as case studies to connect business activities and sustainability, and also post articles explaining important terms such as ethical consumption and SDGs initiatives.

  • CSR training for managers
    We conducted web-based training for all managers to deepen their understanding of the essence and fundamentals of CSR, the Group's CSR priority issues, and the integration of management and CSR (February-March 2022), as well as web-based training for all employees in administrative positions at Group companies (May-August 2022).


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