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Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)

Provides long-term weatherability for plastics for outdoor applications
Hindered amine light stabilizers

Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) are generally added to plastic products for outdoor use to inhibit degradation caused by UV radiation. ADEKA has developed a HALS formulation that improves the weatherability of polyolefins for outdoor use in civil engineering and construction applications, agricultural film, and artificial turf.

TPO roofing

Agricultural film


Provides Long-term weatherability and heat resistance for TPO roofing

TPO roofing used on the roof of buildings and other structures require 20 years or more durability under the harsh conditions of direct sunlight and temperatures exceeding 80°C in the summer.

ADK STAB LA-458XP contributes to the stabilization of TPO by both inhibiting photo-degradation and thermal degradation. As a result, it enables the longevity of buildings and reduction of energy consumption from disposal of construction waste and reconstruction.

LA-458XP performance

LA-458XP performance


Provides high weatherability even under sulfur fumigation conducted with agricultural films

LA-811(NO-Alkyl type HALS) provides excellent sulfur resistance to agricultural films, etc. Excellent weatherability is maintained even under sulfur fumigation (1000-3000ppm), which is performed for extermination of pests and sterilization which can deactivate common basic HALS.

Effect of LA-811 in Accelerated Light Irradiation Test under Sulfur Fumigation

Effect of LA-811 in Accelerated Light Irradiation Test under Sulfur Fumigation

HALS formulations for Each Sulfur Fumigation Level

HALS formulations for Each Sulfur Fumigation Level

LA-811 is low basic HALS. It has excellent acid resistance as well as sulfur resistance, which prevents deactivation under acidic conditions. In addition to agricultural applications, LA-811 shows excellent weatherability for artificial turf, where pile deterioration is a concern due to the use with rubber chips, and for wood plastics, which HALS are affected by wood vinegar.

Artificial turf

Wood plastic composite


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