ADEKA General Purchase Policy / Purchase Guidelines

ADEKA General Purchase Policy

  1. We will provide just and equitable business opportunities to all our business partners. When conducting transactions, we will comprehensively take into consideration not only the quality, price, and supply ability but also the effort in ensuring inventiveness, ecological standards as well as safety work environment. We will agilely keep up with changes in the market and the environment to build a mutually growing relationship.

  2. In conducting procurement activities, we will comply with all relevant legislation and rules and will not violate social norms or corporate ethics. Through consideration for the global environment and respect for social rights, we will contribute with our procurement activities toward a society with sustainable development. Furthermore, we will fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporation.


ADEKA Purchase Guidelines

 We establish these ADEKA Purchase Guidelines in order to enable business partners to further comprehend the ADEKA General Purchase Policy. In terms of purchase activities, there is increasing demand from society that a company should actively make efforts to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR).
 For the promotion of CSR, it is indispensable to cooperate with our business partners, to pursue ADEKA’s efforts with them. We ask you to conduct your activities in line with these Guidelines and to endeavor to do the same with your business partners.

Just and Equitable Transactions
(i) Provision of equitable business opportunities
We seek suppliers worldwide and welcome companies wishing to make transactions with us with open arms.
(ii) Selection of business partners
We conduct appropriate purchase activities by comprehensively taking into consideration not only the quality, price competitiveness, supply ability, and inventiveness of suppliers but also its efforts toward CSR activities.
(iii) Securing transparency
We strive to share information with business partners in an appropriate and just manner.
(iv) Prohibition of abuse of dominant bargaining position against business partners
We will not engage in any activity to cause an undue disadvantage by abusing the dominant bargaining position as a purchaser.
(v) Prohibition of provision of inappropriate benefits
We will not give or receive gifts or entertainment exceeding social common sense.
Mutual Growth with Business Partners
(i) Continuous transactions
For continuous transactions, it is essential for a company to be in a healthy business condition, so that we will ask business partners to actively disclose management policies, financial condition, and other relevant information.
(ii) Strengthened cooperation with business partners
We will strive to increase mutual understanding and cooperation with business partners, including the use of questionnaires and inspections.
(iii) Information protection
We will adequately protect the information acquired through transactions.
(iv) Risk management
We request that business partners establish business continuity plans (BCPs) and build risk management systems so that in an emergency they can promptly resume the supply of raw materials.
Corporate Ethics and Compliance
(i) Compliance with legislation and social norms
We will comply with legislation and social norms and strive to ensure such compliance throughout the entire supply chain.
(ii) Prevention and early detection of wrongdoing
We will strive to build a compliance system for preventing, detecting, and responding early to any legal violation or other wrongdoing.
Contribution toward Sustainable Society
(i) Contribution to society
As a member of international society, we will strive to conduct purchase activities in line with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
(ii) Environmental consideration
We will strive, in cooperation with business partners, to conduct purchase activities for raw materials and logistics services with less of an environmental impact.
Respect for Human Rights and Appropriate Labor Environment
(i) Respect for human rights
We will respect internationally recognized human rights and make efforts to eliminate unfair discrimination, every kind of harassment, forced or child labor, and other inhuman acts.
(ii) Safety and health
We will make efforts to realize, maintain, and improve a safe, clean and pleasant labor environment.

*However, in the case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Japanese original, Japanese original shall prevail.

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