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Plasticizers/PVC Stabilizers

Plasticizers/PVC Stabilizers

Plasticizers are one of the key materials which improve the characteristics of the final products such as flexibility, which would not be realized without it, to PVC and rubbers.
PVC stabilizers are one of the essential materials for PVC to improve processability and characteristics of PVC products.
We are focusing on the research of PVC stabilizers that meet global regulations of chemical materials.


Products List

  • Plasticizers

  • Plasticizers give useful properties such as flexibility to PVC and rubbers. These properties generally cannot be realized by themselves alone. ADEKA's plasticizers show excellent performance such as low migration to other polymers and heat resistance and so on. We have a variety of plasticizers that surely meet customer's needs.


    ADK CIZER O series (Epoxy Plasticizers)

    Epoxy plasticizers act as stabilizer and plasticizer for PVC. ADK CIZER O-130P is a typical epoxidized soybean oil plasticizer that can be applied for general purposes.

    ADK CIZER C,UL series (Heat-Resistant Plasticizers)

    Heat-resistant plasticizers provide excellent heat aging stability, volatility, and electrical insulation property.
    Highly suitable for wires & cables, automotive interior etc.

    ADK CIZER LV series (Anit-static Plasticizers)

    Anit-static plasticizers are suitable for flooring, curtains, hoses, foot wear, and so on.

    ADK CIZER PN series (Polymeric Plasticizers)

    Polymeric plasticizers provide excellent resistance to oil and solvent extraction, excellent low volatility, and high aging stability for flexible PVC.
    They are mainly used for heat resistance cable compounds, gaskets, and other applications that require resistance to oil extraction.

    ADK CIZER RS series (Plasticizers for Rubbers)

    ADK CIZER RS series have good low temperature characteristics and high aging stability.
    They are suitable for applications such as automotive tubes, hoses, conveyer belts, and important functional parts. Polymeric plasticizers for PVC can also be applied for rubbers.

  • Ca-Zn PVC Stabilizers

  • Though lead stabilizers are still often used for rigid PVC, demands for heavy metal free materials are growing more and more, based on the environment consciousness. ADEKA provides heavy metal free Ca-Zn stabilizers that excel in heat stability and molding workability.

    Featured Products


    ADK STAB RX series (Stabilizers for Rigid PVC)

    We provide a variety of stabilizers that are suitable for a variety of molding procedures such as contour extrusion, injection molding, and calendering and so on. RX series show excellent molding workability, heat resistance, and mechanical physicality as alternatives for lead stabilizers.

    ADK STAB RUP series (Stabilizers for Electric Wires)

    We offer a wide range of products from high performance grade (excellent heat resistant, high insulating etc.) to general-purpose grade. RUP series are applicable to both non-migratory wires and high heat resistant wires when used with ADK CIZER series.

    ADK STAB SC, SP series

    SC, SP series can be applied for highly chemical sensitive applications including food packaging, hoses etc. They have good heat resistance and color retaining properties also.

  • Ba-Zn PVC Stabilizers

  • Ba-Zn stabilizers can be used as an alternative for harmful heavy metal compounds such as Cd containing products. They show excellent heat resistance and transparency, and are applicable to a wide range of products.

    Featured Products


    ADK STAB AC, AP series (General Purpose Stabilizers)

    AC, AP series provide extremely good transparency, color retention and moldability for wide variety of PVC types including rigid, soft, transparent and/or filled. We provide many types of products such as liquid one-pack, liquid/powder combination-use package etc.

    ADK STAB series (Stabilizers for PVC Foam)
    ADK STAB FL series (Stabilizers for Dispertion PVC for Wall Paper)
    ADK STAB CPL, CPS series (Stabilizers for Automotive Upholstery)

    We provide a number of stabilizers to meet performance required for various products.
    ・Stabilizers for floor materials: excel in weathering resistance and resistance to water-absorption whitening, especially suitable for the top layer of floor materials and canvas.
    ・Stabilizers for wallpapers: excel in foamability and plate-out properties.
    ・Stabilizers for automobiles: exert effects on improvement of heat aging resistance and weathering resistance.

  • Auxiliary Agents

  • Our auxiliary agents show higher heat stability and moldability when it is used with ADK STAB series.


    ADK STAB series (Phosphite)
    ADK STAB series (Lubricant)
    ADK STAB series (Choking Inhibitor)

    (1) Phosphite can improve thermal stability, coloring properties, and weathering resistance by combined use with stabilizers.
    (2) Lubricant: excels in compatibility, and has effects on improvement of process stability and long-run properties.
    (3) Choking inhibitor: prevents choking of rigid building materials for exterior applications.

  • Environment-Friendly Polymer Additives

  • Bio-based PVC plasticizers, “ADK CYCLOAID PNB Series”

    ADK CYCLOAID PNB-205 is bio-based polymeric plasticizer. Bio-mass proportion of ADK CYCLOAID PNB-205 is over 95%, which is certificated by Japan Organic Recycling Association. Its viscosity is low to middle(500mPa・s), and it performs better oil resistance, heat aging stability and less-migration compared to other general plasticizers.
    *This product can be used only in Japan.



NOTE : "ADK STAB" is not used as a trademark in USA.


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