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It Related Materials

It Related Materials

ADEKA provides a variety of chemical products for electronics and It, supporting advanced technologies in the rapidly-advancing electronics industry. ADEKA's technologies are based on longtime research, and supply products meeting individual requirements of customers as key materials constituting displays and semiconductors. We will focus on contribution to realization of a digital society through fusion of our technologies and creation of unique products in the electronics industry.


Products List

  • Photo(Light)/Thermal Curing Materials

  • ADEKA's Photo(Light)/heat curing materials are resins that can provide hardened materials in no time by irradiation with light, UV, or heat. These resins are mainly solventless resins that greatly contribute to improvement of comfortable working environment in terms of environment, disaster prevention, and health.

    Featured Products


    ADEKA ARKLS KR series(2000〜)

    Epoxy resin system. Single-part UV curable type. Main applications are coating agents for various materials, including plastic and glass, insulating coatings for electric purpose, temporary adhesives. shape transfer, adhesives for LCD and precision parts, and touch panel protective agents.

    ADEKA ARKLS KR series(2500〜)

    Epoxy resin system. Single-part UV/heat curable type. Main applications are liquid crystal polymer adhesives for electric and machine parts, sealants, impregnants, adhesive fixing agents, and temporary adhesives.

    ADEKA ARKLS KR series(3000〜)

    Epoxy resin system. Single-part heat curable type. Main applications are solventless coatings, inks, adhesives, insulating coatings, cast moldings, casting resins, and composition impregnating resins.

  • Initiators

  • Taking advantage of ADEKA's precise organic synthesis technology, we provide a wide range of products, including highly-sensitive, highly-transparent radical initiators, highly-sensitive cationic photo/thermal polymerization initiators, and photo-acid-generating agents for semiconductors.

    Featured Products


    ADEKA ARKLS SP series

    Composition: Aromatic sulfonium salt compounds. Cationic photoinitiators, photo-acid-generating agents for photoresists

    ADEKA ARKLS CP series

    Composition: Aliphatic sulfonium salt compounds. Cationic thermal polymerization initiators.


    Composition: Acridine, and oxime ester compounds. Radical photoinitiators characterized by less polymerization inhibition by air and less yellowing/sublimation in heat curing.

  • Polymerizable Materials

  • We develop highly photocrosslinkable epoxy-acrylic resins for photoresists, and polymerizable materials with liquid crystallinity.


    ADEKA ARKLS KR series(3700〜)

    ADEKA has a variety of materials applicable to UV curable resins. Our product lineup includes various high heat resistant monomers and UV curable resins composed of many aromatic rings that provide high sensitivity, high heat resistance, and high precision patterning.

  • Resist Materials


    ADEKA ARKLS CBR series

    For color filter applications, we have black matrixes that prevent light shading and fading of the backlight. This achieves high brightness and high definition of display.

  • Thermal Paper Materials



    Preservative stabilizer for thermal recording paper characterized by a fading preventive effect


    Light stabilizer for thermal recording paper characterized by a discoloration preventive effect

  • Semiconductor Materials

  • ADEKA provides high-purity materials for electronic devices by taking advantage of our synthesis and refinement technologies based on longtime research.


    High-Purity Etching Gases

    ADEKA has been contributing to progress in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and optical fiber fields since we started production of high purity chlorine in 1981. We also have been keeping excellent products quality based on distillation technique, analysis technique , and clean technology that we developed through good relationships with our customers.

    ALD/CVD Materials

    ADEKA has been developing ALD and CVD precursors as a leading company.
    Therefore, we have had success in developing our original sources in relation to High-k , ferroelectric , electrode , and Cu for the semiconductor field.

    Copper Plating Materials

    TSV electrodes (Through silicon via) and copper bumps are considered key technologies for semiconductor devices. We are developing and manufacturing copper plating materials for next generation devices.

  • Circuit Materials

  • Manufacturing technologies for electronic circuit substrates are evolving on a daily basis with the development of electronic products. ADEKA continues to develop materials for next-generation technologies and contributes to technological innovation to realize further miniaturization and even greater functionality.


    Etching Materials

    ADEKA has been working on the development of next-generation etching materials ahead of other companies in the industry. We propose specialized etchant with control equipment, ADEKA AFES SUPER SYSTEM, and ADEKA AFES SYSTEM as a total system to contribute to technological development.

    Metal Surface Treatment Agents

    We realize metal surface profiles meeting requirements of our customers by taking advantage of our strength as a raw material manufacturer and ADEKA's unique technologies.

    Functional Chemicals for Circuit Production Process

    We provide specialized cleaners for printed substrates, functional strippers, and film removers to fulfill customers' needs comprehensively.

    Sheet Materials for Packaging

    We provide next-generation highly-functional sheet materials suitable for heat release substrates for power devices and power LEDs, and TSV bonding.


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