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Civil Engineering & Construction Materials

Civil Engineering & Construction Materials

We have a wide range of products for civil engineering and construction that can be applied to various fields. These including ADEKA ULTRASEAL series, which is a water swelling sealing material developed and adopted in 1977. Also including soft ground reinforcing material and liquefaction prevention material, which is developed based on silica production technology. In recent years, we have developed concrete crack induce joint material whose demand is increasing to improve the quality of concrete.


Products List

  • Concrete Crack Induce Joint Material

  • This product is designed for inducing cracks in joints and improve the quality of concrete. This product has excellent performance, easy workability, and economic efficiency.


    ADEKA STOPPER VE-1,2 series

    This product is a new type of concrete crack inducing joint materials. It is not only maintains the aesthetic appearance of the wall surface by concentrating cracks occurring on the concrete surface on joints, but also stops entry of water from the cracks on the joints with water swelling rubber.

  • Sealing Materials

  • This product is "double-locking" sealing material. It stops water by rubber elasticity and by self-volume expansion property created by specifically modifying the raw material. This sealing material is volumetrically expanded when it comes in contact with water, which results in gap filling and stops water. In order to meet a wide range of applications from new construction to repair work, we have article, putty and liquid.



    This product is designed for concrete jointing and concrete product connection. It is available in article and putty, which can be selected according to the application.This product is used in many projects of public sector and private sector.


    This product is designed as a sealing material for separator sections under formwork. It is available in a variety of sizes.


    This product is designed as a sealing material for joints of steel sheet piles It is available for temporary and permanent installations. it has good workability and waterproofing property.

    ADEKA STOPPER series

    This product is designed as a non-water-swelling sealing material. It offers better workability, waterproofing property, and cost performance than conventional products.
    This product is enhanced property of adhesion to concrete and is designed for prevent "collapse" and "twist" at the time of concrete placement.


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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