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ADEKA Group wins Silver Awards at In-cosmetics global 2019 with ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930

Apr. 17, 2019

During exhibition the In-cosmetics 2019, in 2nd to 4th of April in Paris, ADEKA leading manufacture in Polymers additives won the silver price for the most innovative developments in sensory and texture displayed on the show's Sensory Bar.

 ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930 are thickener developed for use in aqueous systems. Their innovative texture "memory gel" as rheology modifiers are proven exceptional thickeners suspending agents and stabilizers. It is a highly efficient rheological modifier for use in formulations with difficult to thicken conditions such as salt & extreme pH. The innovative ingredients allowing light textures to remain smooth and soft to the touch. In addition ADEKA NOL GT-930 is designed to formulate emulsifier-free O/W emulsion.

The following formulas were presented:
Shift it! Colour Changing Jelly Cream: Sprayable gel with changing colour from white to pink and gel becomes emulsion. Giving a smooth and wow effect formulation.
Multi-Masking Pure clay mask - anti aging- Detox - Hydrating: J-Beauty clay masks especially designed for 3 different part for your facial skin. Smooth, nice touch and silk feeling.
Precious Petals Serum: Beauty refiner with petals and cherry blossom perfume to moisturize & repair your skin.
Cooling Gel Aloe Vera: The gel provides a protective layer to the skin and helps to retain moisture.
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For ADEKA this is just the beginning: We are proud to win this award at toady's 20 years anniversary of ADEKA Europe GmbH. Now we're going to collaborate with our customers and partners to work out the full scope of applications ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930," said Mr. Kazuhiro Umehara Managing Director ADEKA Europe GmbH.
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