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Intumescent type flame retardant "ADK STAB FP-2000 series" has got the first UL Verified Mark of functional material

Aug. 23, 2017


UL, a global safety science organization, has issued the first UL Marketing Claim Verification and UL Verified Mark in the field of performance materials to a series of phosphorus flame retardants, "ADK STAB FP-2000 series" in May. The mark claims that the ADK STAB FP-2000 series produced 99% less smoke density and 89% less CO emissions under flaming conditions as compared to Bromide-Treated Polypropylene (PP).

UL Verified Mark demonstrates that UL has verified a specific marketing claim through independent, repeatable, science-based assessments. UL's Verification provides objective credibility to the accuracy of the marketing messages by manufacturers. In the ADEKA project, UL tested two groups of samples with V-0 (1.6 mm) flammability which are prepared with PP containing the flame retardant of FP-2000 series and bromine flame retardant, respectively. The test results demonstrated that smoke generation had decreased by 99% and emission of carbon monoxide had decreased by 89%in the PP samples with FP-2000 series flame retardant as compared to the PP samples containing the brominate flame retardant.

The characteristics of low smoke and CO emission highly improve safety during fire.

Please check the UL Inc. WEB site for more details.


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