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Corporate Governance

Basic Stance

The ADEKA Group places a top priority on the strengthening of corporate governance in order to realize its mission and management policies as well as achieve sustainable growth and enhance its mid- to long-term corporate value.Based on the audit and supervisory board system adopted under its management system, the company is strengthening its governance systems through efforts such as the appointment of independent external directors, introduction of the executive officer system and establishment of Management Committee.

Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

In accordance with the ADEKA Group Corporate Governance Guidelines, the ADEKA Group is constructing a highly effective system of corporate governance that allows each organizational entity, including the board of directors and the audit and supervisory board, as well as executives and employees, to fulfill their respective roles.

Overview of Corporate Governance as of June 30, 2018
Overview of Corporate Governance as of June 30, 2018


Basic Stance

The management policies of the ADEKA Group support the effective response to changes in the social and managerial environment.They are intended to realize sound management and harmony with international society by sufficiently protecting stakeholders’interests. The Group’compliance management is intended to fulfill public expectations and demand through the provision of new value that is useful for addressing social issues by providing high-quality products and services created using ADEKA’unique technologies and through actively communicating with stakeholders as well as engaging in social contribution activities.

System for Promoting Group Compliance

The Compliance Promotion Committee meets quarterly to manage and monitor compliance at ADEKA.A system for instilling the Basic Compliance Policy across the company and swiftly collecting information has been established by appointing Compliance Leaders in each section.In addition, representatives and compliance officers of major Group companies meet twice a year for the Group Compliance Conference.

Respect for Human Rights

The ADEKA Group intends to create a society that respects the rights and diverse values of all stakeholders involved in our business activities.We are making every effort to promote respect for the basic human rights of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, local communities and employees.In order to eliminate any violations of human rights, such as child and forced labor, in the Group or by the domestic and overseas supply chain.

Risk Management

Basic Stance

As business risks increase in the management environment, the ADEKA Group has been seeking prevention of the incidents and minimization of the damage thereof.This has been done by outlining a system for managing risks in the ADEKA Group Risk Management Manual focusing on prevention and countermeasure effort.

Risk Management System

The Risk Management Committee, led by managers of the staff departments in the head office, regularly meets to formulate and manage the Basic Risk Management Policy.

Overview of Risk Management
Overview of Risk Management

With Customers

Product Safety Initiatives

Quality and Safety Policy for Fiscal 2017
  1. Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance (chemical substance management and food labeling)
  2. Implementing measures to prevent reoccurrence of claims/complaints and horizontal deployment of measures within and between plants.
     Implementation of appropriate measures, particularly for contamination of foreign matter, by identifying the origin of occurrence and contamination route
  3. Providing accurate product information based on strengthened management of information about raw materials and products

Quality Management System

ADEKA’s Quality and Safety Policy guides its sales,manufacturing, R&D and staff departments in their quality and safety initiatives. The company conducts quality and PL inspectionsto ensure the effective implementation of initiatives.The results are shared at the Quality Management and Product Liability Council as part of a PDCA cycle.

※ An initiative unique to ADEKA to check for the thorough deployment of quality and safety measures.

Overview of Quality Management System
Overview of Quality Management System

With Shareholders and Investors

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Proper Disclosure of Information

ADEKA strives to disclose accurate corporate information in a fair and timely manner to all stakeholders under its disclosure policy.Moreover, the Group actively discloses important information pertaining to company management, including business plans, to enhance understanding of ADEKA.The company observes a silent period preceding the announcement of its financial results to refrain from commenting on specific topics and from disclosing any unconfirmed information prior to the announcement.However, it will disclose information should it determine that the content of its financial results could significantly impact shareholders and investors.

With Business Partners

Development of the Supply Chain System

Stable Procurement of Raw Materials

Under its Procurement Management Standards, ADEKA conducts procurement activities based on trust and cooperation with its partners. In fiscal 2018, we plan to revise the standards and formulate and release a purchasing policy to further stabilize procurement and establish a sustainable supply chain based on CSR.We will further strengthen our efforts to ensure that the inventory management for the stable supply of products is properly executed and that our suppliers and multiple procurement channels effectively safeguard the security of the inventory of raw materials used in our products.

Thorough Supply Chain Management

Control of Chemical Substances

In accordance with the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), the ADEKA Group intends to control and use sustainable chemical substances that are safer for humans and the environment.We promptly respond to stringent regulations introduced in the EU, USA and Asian countries and provide detailed information on chemical substances and their raw materials used in our products so that customers can use them confidently.

Food Safety and Hygiene

As a manufacturer handling food-grade materials, theADEKA Group pursues initiatives that ensure product safety and security while also effectively managing hygiene and complying with related laws and regulations.Of the Group’food production sites, 88% of them have obtained FSSC 22000 certification and are reinforcing quality management from the dual standpoints of food safety and food defense in order to prevent internal and external contamination as well as cross-contamination.In particular, we strictly control raw materials that contain allergens and manage information through a traceability system.

With Employees

Human Resources Principles
  • ・Respect the human and personal qualities of employees
  • ・Support self-realization by employees
  • ・Develop human capital who have a positive social impact
  • ・Develop employees with initiative

Promoting Diversity

Human Rights in the Workplace

The ADEKA Group’s Code of Conduct clearly emphasizes respect for fundamental human rights, and all employees are in compliance.Furthermore, throughout the processes of recruitment, hiring, and promotions, we respect the value of diverse human resources, regardless of nationality, age, gender, race or disability, and we have developed a level playing field where each individual can exert his or her personality and take on an active role. Work regulations were also laid down to respect the diversity and individuality of people and prohibit any form of harassment.

Active Roles of Women in the Workplace

The ADEKA Group practices fair recruitment as wellas performance assessment for promotions that are not influenced by gender bias.Also, we are taking steps to raise female employee business skills through efforts such as personnel rotation for career development, and we are creating a pleasant work climate that encourages their active participation.

Employment of Retirees

Employment of Retirees ADEKA has established a re-employmentsystem for retirees up to 65 years of age who wish to continue working, with the exception of special circumstances.The re-employed retirees are a valuable presence in passing down traditions to the next generation and play an active role as experts equipped with the knowledge, experience,and skills that they have built up over their careers.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The ADEKA Group continually strives to improve the work environment and expand job categories toward enabling disabled persons to exercise their capabilities and achieve self-realization.

Cultivating Human Resources

The ADEKA Group recognizes employees as key company resources.

ADEKA’s Philosophy of Human Resources Development
ADEKA’s Philosophy of Human Resources Development

Promoting a Work-Life Balance

The ADEKA Group emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance, which encourages each employee to demonstrate their capabilities fully.

Occupational Health and Safety

The ADEKA Group considers safety and security to be the most important issues for companies, and as such strives to establish a safe workplace by enhancing the awareness of all employees through the operation of OHSAS 18001, an occupational health and safety management system, the establishment of health and safety committees at every workplace,and the activities of the Zero Accident Committee.

With the Environment

Basic Environmental Policy
  1. Strive to conserve resources and energy, recycle resources, and reduce the generation of waste, in order to prevent environmental pollution
  2. Comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to the environment, and at the same time strive to strengthen voluntary management and achieve further environmental conservation
  3. Be aware that corporate activities are dependent upon the blessings produced through biodiversity, and seek to protect biodiversity
  4. Take a proactive stance in procuring raw materials that impose a low burden on the environment, and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society
  5. Disclose the results of environmental conservation activities to society
  6. Communicate with stakeholders and provide support to society and local communities in environmental conservation activities

Environmental Initiative System

Under the annual policy determined by the Environmental and Safety Division, each office of the ADEKA Group formulates an execution plan and follows a PDCA cycle to implement environmental management activities that meet local needs.The Environmental and Safety Division conducts an audit every year at our offices and affiliate plants inside Japan. In and after fiscal 2018, the division plans to expand the scope of its auditees to include our overseas operation sites and audit them once every a few years. Among the Group’s manufacturing sites, the rate of environmental management system ISO14001 certification is 73 percent.

Environmental Initiatives System
Environmental Initiatives System

Initiatives on Global Warming Prevention

Initiatives for Reducing CO2 Emissions

The ADEKA Group seeks to reduce its emissions of CO2, a greenhouse gas that wreaks havoc on a global scale.
 Each of our operation sites has its own reduction target and is engaged in higher production efficiency or other improvement activities.Progress of those activities is checked through plant audits conducted by the president and the Environmental and Safety Division.In addition, before any renewal or investment is made for equipment, the Environment Safety & Quality Assurance Department examines whether the renewal or investment will contribute to the Group’s energy conservation effort, bringing further energy saving.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

Preventing Water Pollution

The ADEKA Group seeks to preserve water resources that are essential for creating a recycling-oriented society.

Preventing Air Pollution

The ADEKA Group’s production and R&D divisions have strived to protect the environment by consistently working to prevent air pollution by reducing their emissions of SOx, NOx, dust and soot.

Properly Managing the Disposal of Industrial Waste

ADEKA and its domestic Group companies inspect their industrial waste disposal contractors on a regular basis to ensure that outsourced disposal of industrial waste is being conducted properly.Disposal management at our operation sites is audited by the Environmental and Safety Division, which also inspects waste disposal at contractors.

Reducing VOCs through our Products

Since fiscal 1997, the ADEKA Group has quantitatively calculated the amounts of PRTR substances used for and emitted from its manufacturing processes in order to manage them properly.

※ The PRTR Regulation is a law to encourage companies, etc. to be aware of their emissions of certain chemical substances and improve their management thereof.

Promoting Biodiversity

In accordance with the ADEKA Group Biodiversity Policy, the Group will implement initiatives to promote the preservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use.

ADEKA Group Biodiversity Policy
  1. Consider biodiversity when procuring naturally derived draw materials
  2. Promote activities for conserving biodiversity at our business premises
  3. Strive to develop biodiversity-oriented products
  4. Work in collaboration with local communities

With Local Society

The ADEKA Group owes its existence to the local communities that have provided the company with a sense of understanding as well as cooperation.To be a good corporate citizen, the Group respects the culture and social environment of the countries or regions in and outside of Japan where it operates.Moreover, it seeks coexistence and co-prosperity with society by working alongside of and engaging in dialogue with it.
 We promote our CSR initiatives with a particular focus on local communities, nurturing the next generation, and security and disaster prevention.


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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