Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are making every contribute to creating a more affluent and sustainable society with our renewed approach to CSR.

Implementation of the Mid-term Management Plan

In April 2018, ADEKA launched its mid-term management plan, BEYOND 300, for fiscal years 2018 to 2020. This is the second stage toward realizing the ADEKA VISION 2025, in which the ADEKA Group’s future aspirations are described.
 We intend to become an excellent company with net sales exceeding 300 billion yen through these strategies: expanding the global sales of strategic products in our three core businesses, polymer additives, chemicals and food products; developing new businesses in the fields of life sciences, the environment and energy; and improving our management base to support these businesses.

Corporate DNA and CSR Activities

A company is a public entity able to achieve sustainable growth along with society by being useful to society and recognized as an essential component of society through technologies and services unique to the organization.
 Even 100 years after the company’s founding, our commitment to contribute to society has been inherited without interruption as our DNA, or what we would now refer to as CSR. However, it is true that internal recognition of the significance of ADEKA’s DNA as a contribution to society and of the intrinsic relationship between the business itself and the CSR activities is not yet sufficient.
 In order for the ADEKA Group to work as a team toward achieving BEYOND 300, we must successfully accomplish our numerical goals and reconfirm that every employee understands the value of the company from the CSR perspective while also carrying out their duties based on this understanding.

Building a Sustainable Society through Business Activities

Quickly discerning the trends of the time, ADEKA consistently takes on the challenges of addressing social issues and meeting customer needs. For example, when smartphones appeared, we successfully developed a product that was indispensable for creating new semiconductors. In the 1980s, we also launched a series of lubricant additives for engine oil, ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE, to contribute to automobile fuel efficiency (and CO2 reduction) during that time. The series has continued to evolve and now commands the top share of the global market. Additionally, we are developing products required for EV conversion.

Creating New Value and Promoting the Diversity of Human Resources

As a corporate group operating in 12 countries and regions around the world, the ADEKA Group must accelerate its efforts to achieve its SDGs. In Japan, where the population is expected to decline further, the active participation of women in the workforce is critical as well as promoting the utilization of human resources beyond the boundaries of races and ethnicities. To contribute to creating new value, we will continue to appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness of each individual. This will enable them to take on new challenges, which will lead to significant progress in business and open up a brighter future, with human resources that are capable of realizing successful outcomes.

Promoting CSR to Strengthen the Management Base

ADEKA has been working to contribute to society through its businesses by emphasizing these two fundamental statements in its CSR policy: “Gentle harmony between people and technology” and “Harmony with society.” To further strengthen our management base, we have identified the promotion of CSR as the basic policy of our mid-term management plan.
 Looking ahead, we will continue our efforts to become a global company that creates value for tomorrow and contributes to affluent lifestyles through innovative technologies. We will do this by strengthening all of our management systems, including organizational reviews.


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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