Our Commitment

Our Commitment

郡 昭夫

A Driving Force Throughout Our Century-Long History

ADEKA was established on January 27, 1917 with the mission of domestically producing caustic soda, a chemical used in many industries at the dawn of Japan’s chemical industry, which at the time depended on imports. I am grateful for all the support from customers and stakeholders that have enabled us to achieve our 100-year milestone.
 Looking back at our extensive history, I realize that the company’s sense of mission since its founding, expressed as “Commit to the improvement of people’s lives and development of society,” has been propelling ADEKA forward in its steady progress. This is now incorporated into our management policy, “Work hard to be a forwardlooking organization by staying on the cutting edge” and “Be a respected member of the world community.”

 ADEKA has continually leveraged its proprietary technologies to create products and services that society and individuals need as well as to advance into new domains and accelerate its overseas expansion. Our steadfast spirit to flexibly identify and consistently challenge business environment changes has been the driving force behind our growth.

ADEKA’s Next 100 Years

Following its first 100 years, ADEKA is taking a new step forward to open the way into the next century of its journey.
 “ADEKA VISION 2025” expresses how we see ourselves in the year 2025 as we strive to become a global company that creates value for tomorrow and contributes to affluent lifestyles through innovative technologies.

 To realize that vision, we formulated the mid-term management plan “STEP 3000 – Ⅱ” for the three years of fiscal 2015 to 2017. It includes our goal of becoming “a good (sound) company” with 300 billion yen in net sales under these basic strategies: expanding the scope of our business and our service region by broadening our core businesses centered on polymer additives and food products, developing information and electronics domains as a third core business, and developing new business in the fields of life sciences, the environment and energy.

 I believe that the source of our future growth is ADEKA’s unique strength, consisting of co-creation, technology, and trust. This “co-creation” means creating new value together with stakeholders, including Group employees, and the essence of co-creation is technology and trust. Technology certainly underlies ADEKA growth, and all of our employees are committed to self-improvement by acquiring leading technologies and expertise. For the mid-term management plan, we established a method with implementation steps for collecting detailed information on stakeholder needs, stringently selecting potential business seeds during research and development, and finally enabling these seeds to bloom as commercial products. The element of trust clearly arises from the collective efforts of all employees who face challenges head on.

 We will share the unique strength of ADEKA across the entire Group and, by doing so, generate synergies and virtuous cycles that further ensure we become the company we envision for 2025.

Creating an Affluent, Sustainable Society

In recent years, issues associated with globalization are increasingly complex and diversified. Consequently, the United Nations (UN) adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to invite all member countries to join hands in tackling issues such as eradicating poverty and hunger, ensuring global environmental conservation, and respecting human rights. As public institutions and members of international society, companies must live up to their responsibilities and address social issues.

 ADEKA will fulfill its responsibility by promoting compliance-oriented management with the combined force of global human resources with diverse backgrounds and personalities.
 The keys to realizing this vision lie in the provision of advanced materials and solutions unique to ADEKA.

 With the goals of coexistence and co-prosperity with society, we intend to gently harmonize the uniqueness of ADEKA with individuals and society. Moreover, we will endeavor to deliver the value of contributing to the resolution of global social issues as well as economic value and extend every effort to creating an affluent and sustainable society.


For inquiries about us, please contact us via inquiry form, telephone or fax.

For inquiries about us, please contact us by phone or fax.

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