100th Anniversary <Since 1917>

1917 Asahi Denka Kogyo K.K. was established.

The company was established to produce caustic soda products with the electrolysis process in Japan that had been previously dependent on imports.

1917 Started production of caustic soda.

1919 Started production of hydrogenated oil.

Produced hydrogenated oil by using by-product hydrogen from the soda factory.

1920 Started selling soap.

Produced soaps by using hydrogenated oil as the raw material for a vertically diversified business.

1922 Started production of synthesized hydrochloride.

Start producing synthesized hydrochloride produced when treating chloride gas that was generated during the caustic soda production process.

1928 Established Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd. as the first agrochemical manufacturing company in Japan.

1929 Started selling RISU BRAND margarine.

Started margarine production through the acquisition of Osaki Butter.

1949 Listed its stock on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

1954 Started selling plasticizer for poly vinyl chloride(PVC) , "ADK CIZER".

Launched polymer additives business.

1956 Started selling additives for polyolefin and PVC, "ADK STAB".

Expanded to conventional resins (polypropylene, etc.) other than vinyl chloride, which became the foundation of today's core business.

1956 Started selling new cartons of Gold RISU and Silver RISU.

1959 Opened circular-designed research laboratory.

1959 Established Tokai Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd..

1959 Started selling the first Japanese made propylene oxide and propylene glycol.

1961 Started selling a new detergent called "TERU Kitchen".

Strive to develop soapless soap as demand decreases for soap.

1962 Started selling the surfactant "Adekanol".

1963 Established Adeka Argus Chemical Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Argus Chemical of the US.

1964 Started selling "Tyrolean Cheese".

1965 Established Adeka Swift Chemical Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Swift of the US.

1965 Started selling epoxy resin, "Adekaresin EP-4000".

Succeeded in developing epoxy resin with epichlorohydrin as the raw material.

1969 Started selling "Olympia" Sheet margarine.

1970 Started selling hard butter.

1972 Started selling "Restaurant Mayonnaise".

1974 Started selling aseptic cream, "Whip Cream".

1975 Started selling enriched milk, "Horn".

1979 Started selling frozen pie dough, "Pie Ace".

1981 Started selling lube oil additive "Adeka Sakura-Lube".

1981 Started selling fat spread, "Louise" and "March".

1987 Started selling improving agent for bread, "Nefex".

1988 Established Asahi Denka (Singapore) Pte. Ltd..

First independent overseas expansion as ADEKA

1988 Started selling chip-type margarine, "Olympia Straw".

1989 Established Chang Chiang Chemical Co., Ltd..

1989 Started selling insulation film material, "Adeka Super TEOS".

Expand information chemical products and electronic material field by taking advantage of the development of Adeka Super TEOS.

1989 Started selling sheet shaped filing cream "Lawrence Sheet".

1989 Merged with Adeka Argus Chemical Co., Ltd..

1990 Started selling functional mayonnaise, "Media".

1991 Established Han-nong Adeka Co., Ltd. in Korea.

1991 Completed the polyester plasticizer plant at the Mie Plant.

1992 Established Palm-Oleo Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.

1991 Completed the epoxy resin photocuring initiator plant at the Chiba Plant.

1993 Started selling freezing tolerant whip cream, "RISU Whip REX".

1994 Established AMFINE CHEMICAL CORP. in the US.

1994 Established Asahi Fine Foods Co., Ltd..

1995 Established Adeka Thailand in Thailand.

1995 Started production of "ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE" (fuel saving lubricating oil additive for vehicles) at the Soma Plant.

1996 Mie factory was the first chemical company in Japan to acquire ISO 14001.

1996 Took over the operations of epoxy business of ACR Co., Ltd..

1998 Started selling mayonnaise suitable for microwaves called "Microwavable Mayonnaise (Renji-de OK)" and solid mayonnaise suitable for microwaves called "Microwavable Solid Mayonnaise (Kokei Renji-de OK)".

1998 Started selling "Lactic Butter Rich".

1999 Established Asahi Denka Europe GmbH in Germany.

1999 Merged with Tokai Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd..

1999 Started selling non-lead PVC stabilizer, "ADK STAB RUP Series".

Developed environmentally conscious products ahead of competitors.

1999 Started selling color developer, "Adeka Arkls K-5".

1999 Completed materials plant for CDR/DVD-R discs at the Mie Plant.

1999 Received an Award from the Society of Polymer Science for the development of a nucleating agent for polypropylene ADK STAB NA-11.

1999 Started selling migration-resistant fat, "Medlet".

2000 Established Adeka Palmarole SAS in France.

2000 Completed a new semi-conductor materials production facility at the Kashima Plant.

2001 Established Asahi Denka Shanghai Co., Ltd. in China.(Changed company name to ADEKA (China) Co., Ltd. in 2016)

2001 Started selling the intumescent-type flame retardant, "ADK STAB FP-2000 series".

2001 Established Asahi Fine Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China. (Changed company name to Adeka Fine Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2006).

2001 Exhibited the flat panel display at FineTech Japan 2001.

2003 Started selling one-pound margarine, "Marche Bretagne".

2004 Established Adeka Fine Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

2004 Established Adeka Fine Chemical Taiwan Corp.

2004 Started selling the health food "Barley Beta Glucan".

Commercialized beta-glucan, which has garnered interest as a compound effective in preventing adult diseases, by extracting a high concentration from barley.

2005 Started selling silicone resin, "Adeka Nano Hybrid Silicone".

2006 Changed company name to Adeka Corporation.

2006 Started selling a functional food, "Milk's Minerals".

2007 Established Adeka India Pvt. Ltd. in India.

2008 Started selling margarine with French butter flavor, called "Aromade".

2009 Established a Photovoltalic cell material laboratory (solar cell materials).

2010 Adeka Korea Corp. established an R&D center in Korea.

Started research and development overseas.

2010 Started selling a next-generation fine etching agent for COF, "ADEKA CHELUMICA TFE Series".

Realized fine etching of 25 μm pitch or less on approx 10 μm copper thickness.

2011 Established a joint venture company Adeka Al Ghurair Additives LLC with Al Ghurair Petrochemicals LLC in the UAE.

2011 Started selling sheet margarine with improved texture, called "Olympia Juicy" and "Olympia Crispy".

2012 Amfine Chemical Corp. in the USA established Am Stabilizers Corp.

2012 Established Adeka Brasil Ltda. in Brazil.

With the expansion to Brazil, Adeka has expanded its locations to 13 countries and regions including Japan.

2012 Established Adeka Foods (Asia) Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia.

2012 Opened a Life Science Materials Laboratory.

2016 Established a representative office in Vietnam.

2017 100-year company foundation anniversary.

Greetings from Our President